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EC&I 831 – Learning Project 2.0

So, it appeared that 60% of this class shared the great idea that creating a podcast with a fellow classmate would be an original and authentic concept for a learning project…. Therefore my previous learning project post will be scrapped and I will start again.

It became apparent to myself and Durston Mckenna that a different learning project would better fit for us. Thus, I have decided to follow my other idea of a learning project that focuses on a home renovation of redo-ing my stairs to my basement. I have various idea of what this might look like, but the purpose of this project to seek various social platforms and groups to gain insight and concepts to how this project might look. I have never completed anything such as this. I have basic handy-man skills and will need to borrow tools for certain things in this project, but I am excited to expand my knowledge, network, and have something tangible as a product from my learning.

So, here are my stairs at the exact moment. They have an old nasty carpet on top that needs to go and I will determine what will work best for what is underneath based on my ideas and concepts that I develop from my connections to content and online communities.

Further, I have begun to starting building a learning community that will aid in the renovation of these stairs. This video was one of the first one I saw on YouTube that seem to fit for the desired location and appeal. This next video was heplful to provide more context on the pre-work before installation and how that may look in this context as well. Therefore, I will spend more time in coming weeks uncovering the stairs and utilzing the various techniques to begin my pre-work on this project.

would like to complete this project for the most part on my own and on a pretty strict budget of no more than $200 – $300. This may be loft goal at the moment, but I think it can be attainable if I ask the right people for wood.. and for future labour. I may need to borrow a few tools to complete certain aesthetic designs, but this should also be possible with accessing the shop at the high school that I work at. I will post a few potential designs below that have peaked my interest.

Additionally, I have joined this Facebook Group to follow along with renovation tips and tricks. And the group allows for people to comment, ask questions, and seek advice. This platform will work well as I can post photos and videos to my questions, so it will add clarity to anyone who will respond back to my questions. YouTube is great for understanding how to complete a task, but this platform aids in allowing multiple voices to add their expertise/opinion to how that task may be completed. I have not commented in this group yet, but as I uncover more of the project, then I will begin to start formulating a post that may seek understanding in my process.

So, if you have any ideas on potential designs that you like, feel free to share yout thoughts below, or if you have completed a similar project, I would love to connect with you.


EC&I 831 – Learning Project – Part 1

The premise of this project is to learn a new task, skill, or concept utilizing an online platform and or community to extend and enrich growth. Narrowing this project down to what would be worth learning, or meaningful to me in the context of my teaching year and the limitations that this offers. Sure, it would be great to learn how to play the guitar, but that is not really one of my passions, and if I were to invest significant time and effort into this skill I would want to get more something more out of it, then simply a new task to add to the “tool-belt”. Which reminds me of this Ted Talk, that discusses how anything can be learned in the first 20 hours. And that sounds great and I love the idea of it, but for me, it is important to prioritize what it is that I want to learn, and make sure its meaningful and hopefully can be utilized more in my life moving forward.

However, Durston Mckenna and myself have centered on the idea of learning how to create a podcast together that would connect within various topics in education. Now, it does seem that every one with a voice and a iphone decided to create a podcast during the long quaratine days/months/years.. etc. This is something that we are both intrigued by and want to invest more time in learning what this might look like, and how we can utilize our skills, extend our understanding and build a learning community together.

25+ Best Podcast Memes | Listen Memes, Joe Rogan Memes, Quickmeme Memes

It was helpful to check out this website that goes over the basics of starting a podcast and some potential gear that may be helpful to have in the startup process. A couple of the biggest take-aways as that having an actual microphone is super helpful as a phone and laptop’s mic are pretty junky, so it would not be a bad idea to invest in one. However, it may be wroth it as well to borrow one from someone who clearly had the same idea as we did, and then petered out after no one listened to their second episode… which is a huge fear that may occur in our case. Secondly, the easiest way to share your podcast with others is through the online platform SoundCloud. I have not worked extensively with soundcloud, but I am excited to learn more about it, and its capabilities.

So, any tips, tricks or funny Gifs/Memes that you have regarding a podcast would be greatly appreciated in the comment section below.

EC&I 831 – Intro

Well, this is the first time that I have blogged in 4.5 years. I consistently blogged in my undergrad degree with numerous classes as it was an integral part of each class. It has been quite fun to go back and read over each of the posts and connect with different thoughts, ideas, and emotions that were layered in those words. Which reminds me of my previous blog post that I wrote during my first year teaching in the UK. It was one of the most difficult, challenging, and rewarding experiences of my career thus far. Therefore, blogging has reminded me how powerful it is to take time to reflect and share our learning in a space that can be connected with others to feel that sense of unity within a community.

What I have already really enjoyed about getting back into a more connected center about technology and media with taking EC&I 831 surrounds the control and flow of information. Information and filters bubbles have really impacted my views and and personal relationships with others in the time of this pandemic when it has been depicted by so many that there is no real ‘credible’ information and a lack of trust in data. Therefore, getting reconnected with the website Feedly, that has helped to find a more balanced approach to seeking various forms of information in an organized platform that has been very user friendly.

Additionally, reconnecting my twitter account has been helpful to follow experts in the medical field with the ongoing changes and flow of information during the pandemic. I have appreciated following different opinions and experts to inform my pwn thinking and personal truths that have guided me through the pandemic. It has been a challenging time to discuss information, charts, graphs, and opinions with others during this time, so it has been important to create my own flow of information and find security in that. If you are looking to someone who loves math puns and education, feel free to give a follow @chrisbrennan03

In closing, it has been very nice to get reconnencted with my blog and feel more prepared for the uncertainities when it comes to misinformation and disfinformation.

In closing part 2, I have recently come across a quick video by Richard Byrne, on some quick tips to make google chrome work a bit faster in case you have been experiencing any issues with it. Feel free to give it check.