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From Novice to Needlework: Captivated by the World of Embroidery

In my previous blog post concerning my project, I mentioned my interest in acquiring a new skill, which is embroidery. To delve deeper into this skill, I began exploring various social media platforms. YouTube and Instagram were particularly useful, with YouTube offering beginner-friendly videos that aided me in commencing my learning journey. Embroidery has always fascinated me, captivating my attention whenever I encounter intricately embroidered fabrics. I appreciate the vibrancy of colorful threads and the enchanting patterns they create. Thanks to Katia, I began my embroidery journey while pursuing my master’s degree. While Instagram pages showcasing embroidery patterns and videos are plentiful, I personally found it challenging to learn from them as a novice. This is not to discredit the educational potential of Instagram; however, I found YouTube to be a more conducive platform for beginners. Its videos allowed me to learn at my own pace, adjusting the playback speed and pausing as needed.


To begin, I extensively watched various videos before deciding on the specific supplies to purchase. Since I possess limited knowledge about embroidery, I compiled a shopping list based on the items mentioned in the videos that would facilitate the process. I acquired colorful threads, different types of needles, an embroidery frame, a pair of scissors, and other necessary materials. Once I gathered all the supplies, the crucial step was to find a suitable instructional video that could guide me in understanding the use of threads, needles, and basic patterns. After conducting a thorough search and exploring multiple videos, I discovered one particular video that proved immensely helpful for me as a beginner.




I followed the steps outlined in the video, although I acknowledged that my skills were not yet on par with the person I was watching. The learning process consumed a considerable amount of time, but I derive satisfaction from the fact that I am acquiring a new and fascinating skill. The instructional video introduced me to various patterns, starting from the basics. The knots I learned from the video included running stitch, back stitch, stem stitch, split stitch, cross stitch, chain stitch, satin stitch, french knot, fern stitch, lazy-daisy, and many more. Although some stitches proved easier to execute than others, I am determined to learn all of them. My motivation extends beyond the requirements of my project; it is driven by my genuine passion for embroidery and the recognition that it will benefit me in the future as well.

Pinning through Pinterest

I am an individual who remains active on social media applications, although I don’t share my daily activities online. Instead, I use these platforms to explore various content for entertainment, education, general knowledge, learning something new, and staying connected with my family and friends. Speaking of social media applications, I would like to discuss one particular application that I am interested in exploring further: Pinterest. I have heard a lot about Pinterest from my cousins, friends, and while browsing other websites.

Pinterest is an application that offers a wide range of content related to various fields such as education, home decor, skill development, health, travel, technology, and entertainment, among others. It is filled with an abundance of resources. Initially, I learned about Pinterest from one of my cousins who frequently uses it. I asked her how she finds it useful, and she shared everything with me. I discovered its features and the valuable things one can find on this platform, which can be helpful in our daily lives. I observed her using the platform primarily for finding pictures and videos. Curious, I asked her what sets it apart from other applications that offer similar content. She showed me the distinctive features of Pinterest, and I was amazed to learn about them.

A few days ago, I created my own Pinterest account. Initially, I found it challenging to navigate, but with the help of my cousin and watching tutorial videos on YouTube, I found the process easier. The YouTube videos were especially helpful as they provided a comprehensive overview of how to use the platform effectively. Now, I am knowledgeable about many aspects of Pinterest. After creating an account, the platform prompted me to select my preferences and the topics I wanted to explore. These topics would be displayed in my feed whenever I open the app. One can endlessly explore a wide range of content on this platform through pictures and videos, making it an immersive experience.

The home page serves as the initial browsing and exploration area, where I can discover content based on my personal preferences. Additionally, there is a “watch” option where I can exclusively view videos related to specific topics. Moving on to the search option, I can search for ideas beyond what is presented on the home page. This page showcases ideas for creators, personalized recommendations, and popular content on Pinterest categorized by topics. There is also an option to start creating and adding my own content to the platform.

Once an account is created, I can choose a profile picture and decide what details I want to share publicly or privately. As a new user, I am still exploring the application, but I have started following interesting individuals and pages. I can create my own boards on Pinterest, even if I am not actively posting content. These boards can be tailored to various topics, and I can create as many as I desire. I have already created boards and named them accordingly, allowing me to save pictures and videos that I find interesting and revisit them whenever I want.

What I appreciate about this social media tool so far is that it caters to my personal taste, allowing me to explore and save an extensive range of content. Additionally, I can create collaborative boards with friends and family, where we can save and view each other’s posts. Similar to other social media applications, I can engage in conversations, share pictures, and exchange videos through messages. Although I am still in the early stages of exploring this new platform, I have not encountered any negative aspects yet. The only potential drawback is that it can be time-consuming. However, when engrossed in the exploration process, the investment of time feels worthwhile. I am thoroughly enjoying Pinterest, dedicating time to it, and continuously learning new things.

Regarding its benefits in the educational field, I believe it depends on how one chooses to utilize the platform. As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest offers topics related to every field. It can be particularly useful for children to explore and learn new things, as there are countless ideas and resources available. For teachers and parents, Pinterest serves as a valuable platform for discovering educational materials. Although I have only recently started using it, I have already found limitless ideas relevant to the topics I explore. Therefore, I highly recommend giving Pinterest a try and searching for intriguing content that aligns with your own interests. And I would definitely use this tool for my learning project as well.

Thread by Thread: Unleashing Creative Possibilities with Embroidery

Embarking on the EC&I 831 project filled me with pure joy and excitement. As I eagerly scanned through the course syllabus, exploring the various options provided by Katia, one particular skill caught my eye—embroidery. Instantly, my heart leaped with anticipation, knowing that this project would allow me to express my creativity, add a personal touch, and bring beauty to the world through this ancient craft.


My fascination with embroidery dates back to my twenties. Even on social media platforms, my search history betrays my deep passion for this art form. From scrolling through countless embroidery patterns to immersing myself in intricate stitches, I have been captivated by the artistry and elegance of embroidery.


From my perspective, Embroidery offers a sense of mindfulness and relaxation. As you thread your needle and begin stitching, you enter a meditative state, focusing solely on the rhythmic motion of the needle and the gentle pull of the thread. It becomes a soothing and therapeutic experience, allowing you to unwind and find solace in the creative process.

For my project, I have decided to dive into the world of social media to explore the vast array of embroidery stitches. With platforms like Instagram and YouTube as my guide, I will embark on a journey to discover and learn various stitches—Whether it’s the delicate satin stitch, the textured French knot, the rhythmic backstitch, and many more. The process of learning something new may be lengthy, but when passion fuels your journey, time becomes irrelevant. Every stitch will be a step closer to mastering this art form and bringing my artistic visions to life.


Embroidery opens a world of boundless creativity, mindfulness, and personalization. Whether I stitch for pure pleasure, create unique gifts that carry a piece of my heart, or simply indulge in the joy of exploring a new hobby, the magic of embroidery awaits me. So, I am going to grab my needle, select my thread, and let the magic of embroidery unfold before eyes.

“Snap, Tweet, Like, Repeat: A Personal Journey through the Social Media Maze”

A cloud of social media network icon Social media and open education are closely intertwined in my perspective. When we think of social media, we often associate it with openness and accessibility for everyone. Social media can be both productive and unproductive, depending on our individual preferences. Each person uses social media according to their own choices. Speaking from personal experience, I consider myself an introvert who enjoys observing others on social media platforms while preferring to stay behind the camera. Recording or taking selfies makes me uncomfortable. Despite being a millennial who grew up without social media, I am an active user of all social media platforms.

Sometimes, I reminisce about my pre-teen years when I used to play with friends,Cheerful children playing team building games on a floor siblings, and classmates without relying on gadgets. We engaged in activities that required physical and mental strength. Today, seeing children constantly occupied with gadgets from a young age makes me feel sad for them because they may miss out on creating cherished memories. I often wonder how the children of Generation Alpha will reminisce about their childhood when they reach adulthood.

However, the benefits of social media are numerous, and it has transformed our lives in countless ways. Personally, I use social media not as an outlet for self-expression but to actively stay updated on various platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, and many more, all of which help individuals stay connected with the world. Among these, my favorite apps are Instagram and Snapchat. I actively use both platforms. Instagram allows me to explore a wide range of topics. I follow celebrities, influencers, friends, and family. What I appreciate most about Instagram is the diversity of content it offers. I follow accounts that provide motivation for life and decision-making, food bloggers, entertainers, educational pages, travelers, meme creators, and inspirational accounts. I have learned a great deal from this platform, and it has the power to instantly change my mood.

Snapchat, on the other hand, is where I mainly chat with my friends. I find it to be a safe platform in terms of privacy. What I particularly love about Snapchat is that it shows memories from previous years every day, instantly uplifting my mood.

After a certain phase of my life, social media has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. There was a time when I felt apprehensive about it due to a past relationship. There’s a long story behind it, but it led me to stop using social media for a while. When I eventually returned to it, I felt uneasy because I was afraid of becoming “social” again. However, time heals all wounds. I slowly regained my comfort with social media and began using it again a few years ago. Although I still don’t share much about myself on social media, I use it for personal growth. I hope to fully return to normalcy in due time. Social media has aided me in healing from past trauma as I listen to motivational speakers on Instagram and YouTube. I greatly admire Jay Shetty’s videos, which inspire me to lead a mindful life.

The way we use social media depends entirely on our individual preferences. While everything has its pros and cons, it is up to us to determine whether we use social media for productivity or merely for entertainment, comparing our lives to others and subsequently feeling down about it.