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Social Media and Me…

When I think of my relationship with social media I wouild check the “it’s complicated “box. I am a social media looker rather than a poster so I suppose I would be considered a lurker by some.

I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Discord (school purpose) and TikTok. However I do not regualrly post on these different platforms. I hate to say I spend way too much time scrolling and looking at other people’s lives through their posts. I will comment on birthday posts or other positive thoughts or feelings and of course pictures get a “like”. I also use some of the platforms for news updates since I do not have cable television.

When social media platforms began I used Myspace quiet often and then switched to Facebook in 2004. I laugh at memories on my Facebook account that pop up such as the weather …lol did people really need to know that!

The question I ask myself is why don’t I post often? I think the answer to this is I am more of an introvert, I don’t like to share my thoughts and feelings or negative topics, like to keep my personal life private, and fear of judgement and/or fear of offending someone. The platform I use the most is Snapchat but I rarely post stories. The reason is I hate pictures of myself. We are now in a world of selfies and they just are not for me unless it is a good filter then I am more opt to post it.

I worry about the digital identity or footprint I am leaving and how this could affect my personal life and professional life. In the article (Digital) Identity in a world that No Longer Forgets by Katia Hildebrants and Alec Couros (2015) discusses “how past trangressions dragged into the spotlight” can not only ruin you personally but also professionally. In the news this commonly happens where people in the spotlight such as politicians and/or celebreties are faced with when past posts, documented pictures or videos are brought to light dimishing their character. I think of the #Metoo movement and Black Lives Matter movement and how their past transgressions were brought to light.

Social media is not going away it will only get bigger. People want to feel that connection with family, friends and like minded people. Lynette stated in our group when discussing the history of social media that without these platforms people often feel they are missing out or have the pressure to engage in it.

I hope that throughout this course I can see ways to use social media such as Twitter in my classroom in a positive light and not be so worried about judgement from others. There is so much negativity about social media such as trolls, privacy, fake news, and false sense of reality to name a few. that I would like to see it positively. I think as educators when COVID began we learned very quickly that technonolgy and social media platforms became important in educating our students.

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