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EC&I 831 – Learning Project 2.0

So, it appeared that 60% of this class shared the great idea that creating a podcast with a fellow classmate would be an original and authentic concept for a learning project…. Therefore my previous learning project post will be scrapped and I will start again.

It became apparent to myself and Durston Mckenna that a different learning project would better fit for us. Thus, I have decided to follow my other idea of a learning project that focuses on a home renovation of redo-ing my stairs to my basement. I have various idea of what this might look like, but the purpose of this project to seek various social platforms and groups to gain insight and concepts to how this project might look. I have never completed anything such as this. I have basic handy-man skills and will need to borrow tools for certain things in this project, but I am excited to expand my knowledge, network, and have something tangible as a product from my learning.

So, here are my stairs at the exact moment. They have an old nasty carpet on top that needs to go and I will determine what will work best for what is underneath based on my ideas and concepts that I develop from my connections to content and online communities.

Further, I have begun to starting building a learning community that will aid in the renovation of these stairs. This video was one of the first one I saw on YouTube that seem to fit for the desired location and appeal. This next video was heplful to provide more context on the pre-work before installation and how that may look in this context as well. Therefore, I will spend more time in coming weeks uncovering the stairs and utilzing the various techniques to begin my pre-work on this project.

would like to complete this project for the most part on my own and on a pretty strict budget of no more than $200 – $300. This may be loft goal at the moment, but I think it can be attainable if I ask the right people for wood.. and for future labour. I may need to borrow a few tools to complete certain aesthetic designs, but this should also be possible with accessing the shop at the high school that I work at. I will post a few potential designs below that have peaked my interest.

Additionally, I have joined this Facebook Group to follow along with renovation tips and tricks. And the group allows for people to comment, ask questions, and seek advice. This platform will work well as I can post photos and videos to my questions, so it will add clarity to anyone who will respond back to my questions. YouTube is great for understanding how to complete a task, but this platform aids in allowing multiple voices to add their expertise/opinion to how that task may be completed. I have not commented in this group yet, but as I uncover more of the project, then I will begin to start formulating a post that may seek understanding in my process.

So, if you have any ideas on potential designs that you like, feel free to share yout thoughts below, or if you have completed a similar project, I would love to connect with you.


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