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Wimpy Wimperson

My dream of being able to pick up a guitar and jam with my son and nephew is crushed. After 2 days of practicing my strumming techniques, 15 minutes each day was all I could manage, I decided I was putting this particular task on hold (maybe permanently)! I was in pain. My fingertips were … Continue reading Wimpy Wimperson

#Tellitlikeitis Zach Harrell via YouTube What is Social Justice? Tabitha Dell’Angelo in her article “Creating Classrooms for Social Justice” defines it as “recognizing and acting upon the power that we have for making positive change.”The article highlights some strategies that are effective when teaching social justice in the classroom: Connecting students’ lives Linking to real-world problems … Continue reading #Tellitlikeitis

Project Change

After reading my colleagues posts as they venture along their learning journey’s, I feel that I have chosen a project that is “safe.” One in which I could easily learn the skill and see immediate results; one that required minimal “help” – I guess that speaks to my quiet, independent nature. Like many others in … Continue reading Project Change