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Digital Learning Project Summary!

This term has given me the opportunity and time to launch Seesaw in my classroom. Originally, going into launching Seesaw I was thinking it would be a good communication tool to bridge the gap between home and school and keep my families informed with what is going on in my classroom. I have learned so much about Seesaw over the course of this term and I feel that it is much more than just a communication tool. It serves as an online digital portfolio, an assessment tool, a communication tool, documentation tool and assignment tool. It served our classroom in many more ways than I ever anticipated it would.

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Here is a recap of what my classroom has accomplished with Seesaw over the past few months.

1. My main goal was to use Seesaw as a tool to connect home and school. Check out my blog post Connecting Home and School to view my initial goals with Seesaw. I shared how as a mom I enjoy getting updates on my children’s learning throughout the day and how I wanted to provide parents of the students in my classroom with these same opportunities. Little did I know I would discover that Seesaw would serve my teaching in many other ways.

2.Early on in my Seesaw journey, I had the opportunity to participate in a division Professional Development day where we were able to choose which Community of Practice we would like to attend. This gave me the opportunity to attend the Seesaw Community of Practice which allowed me to collaborate and learn from other teachers within the division that are already using Seesaw in their classrooms. You can read about my experiences getting familiar with the app and collaborating with other teachers from my school division on my post Collaboration: Seesaw COP.

3. Once I felt like I had an understanding of Seesaw we were ready to launch Seesaw in our classroom. I made sure everyone had the correct permission they needed to participate and then we hit the ground running. You can read about how we launched Seesaw in our classroom and sent our first bits of learning to our parents on my blog post-Ready, Set, Launch!

4. This class has helped me understand the power of getting connected. It has encouraged me to reach out to other educators and learn from them. Twitter has allowed me to connect with teachers from all over the world who are using Seesaw in their classrooms. I especially appreciate @seesaw and how they use Twitter to keep educators informed with new features of their app, PD opportunities they are providing and sharing examples of other educators work. You can read about my experience with using Twitter to help me learn more about @seesaw and see great examples of how teachers are using seesaw in their classrooms by reading my blog post @seesaw, I love you! 

5.This fall Seesaw launched an activities feature on their app. This feature allows teachers to create assignments on Seesaw and push them out for students to complete and save onto their journals. Seesaw has pre-made activities that teachers can use for each grade level as well as directions to create your own activities. I used the Seesaw help center a lot to answer all of my questions while creating and launching the Seesaw activities feature. You can read about my experiences with this on my blog post Seesaw Activities Feature.

6. Throughout this term, we have been using Seesaw as a “show what you know tool”. This provided students with an opportunity to demonstrate and record their thinking to show how they completed and understood different concepts. This provided me with an opportunity to think about Seesaw as more of a portfolio to document and store learning as well as a way to communicate and demonstrate their learning to families. You can read about our first experience with using Seesaw as a documentation tool to show families their understanding of a math concept here on my blog post Show what you know!

7. Seesaw is a great introduction towards social media for young students. In my classroom, I was able to introduce Digital Identity to students and begin to explore how we can interact with one another online using Seesaw as a secure platform. Seesaw has provided my students with the opportunity to interact and comment on one another’s work. I appreciate how parents are able to comment on their child’s work as this provides students with great role models for positive interaction online. You can check out my post Creating an Interactive Community to see how we are using Seesaw to get social within our classroom.

8. Seesaw has allowed parents to enter into our classroom over this last term. The feedback from parents has been fabulous. Many parents have expressed gratitude towards being involved in their child’s daily learning. I am so grateful that parents have 100% jumped on board with this learning. This term we hosted an Author event that many parents were unfortunately not able to attend due to other commitments. Thanks to Seesaw, I was able to send families videos of their child reading at the event so they could hear their child’s stories. You can read about how we were able to use Seesaw to ensure that all parents could be involved in our event on my blog Seesaw saves the day! 

This term has been a great learning experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity and encouragement to launch a new tool within my classroom. We all can appreciate the fact that teaching is a busy career and it is easy to continue to stick to what you know as it can feel overwhelming to take on something new. I am thankful to have this opportunity. I feel that our journey in Seesaw has just begun and I look forward to continuing on this school year to see what else we accomplish with Seesaw in our classroom. Thank you all for following along on my learning journey!

Take a look at a few bits and pieces from our classroom this term! Enjoy!

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Seesaw saves the day!

Over the past month, my students have been working on a very large writing project in our classroom. They worked through the entire writing process to create stories. The stories that they wrote were phenomenal and they put many hours, tons of hard work and effort into creating these stories. To celebrate we had an Author event in our classroom where we invited parents and families into our school to listen to all of our wonderful stories.

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The students were so excited to have their families attend their Author event. The students each typed their stories as well as created an illustration and an about the Author page to go along with their stories. Students practiced reading their stories and prepared to read aloud to our guests. When our guests arrived each student had their illustration projected behind them as they read their stories aloud. It was such a wonderful event for our students and families.

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Unfortunately, not all of our families could attend due to other commitments and work commitments. These families, of course, were upset that they were not going to be able to hear their child read their story out loud. This is where Seesaw saved the day. I was able to record each of their stories and share them on their Seesaw accounts so that their families could listen to their child read their stories live.

Families were so thankful and excited that they still got to see their child read their story. Parents were able to be a part of the event even if they were not physically with us that day! The feedback that I got from parents over this was amazing. I was so thankful to have Seesaw to help parents and students still connect over this amazing project even if they couldn’t be with us on that very day!

Photo Credit: Seesaw

Just another reason why I love Seesaw so much! It really is so special to be able to share these events with parents and be able to document this learning for our students to watch back and reflect on!

Creating an Interactive Community

My journey using Seesaw has been going great so far. My students enjoy using it and I have had tons of positive feedback from parents about the program. The past few weeks I did have a few issues with my classroom Ipads and was waiting for an app update but that seems to be resolved on most of the devices now thankfully.

As of now, the majority of my families have connected online to their child’s’ Seesaw journal. I currently have 21 out of 24 families connected. I am going to reach out to each family who has not connected to hopefully help guide them towards signing up. All in all, I think 21 of 24 families so far is very successful!

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Students continue to work on adding work to their journals to share with their parents.  Some parents are interactive with their children on Seesaw and others have been just viewing their child’s work with little or no feedback. My next goal is to help students and parents make our classroom Seesaw more interactive. I am going to do this by encouraging them to create a dialog between students and parents on their Seesaw journals about their work.

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The next step in my Seesaw journey is introducing commenting to my students and the benefits to our learning that commenting can have. Students have been able to view their classmate’s work but they haven’t had the opportunity to comment on one another’s work. I am also going to begin to encourage parents and to add more comments to their child’s work. I want to work towards making Seesaw more interactive where parents and students are conversing and sharing ideas about their work.

Edublogs provides teachers with some great tips on teaching quality commenting skills. This will help both the students and parents understand the purpose of commenting as well as the benefits to learning that commenting can have. By parents commenting on their child’s work, it encourages the child to investigate their learning deeper and give further explanation for their thinking. The following information shares why commenting is important on blogs, but I feel that these tips also share how commenting on one another’s work on Seesaw will also see the same benefits.

Photo Credit: Edublog

This week we will begin to look at commenting and how we can comment on our classmate’s blogs. I will then write home to parents and invite them to become more active on Seesaw. I have great parental support this school year so I am very excited to see our online community become more interactive.

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Show what you know!

Just a quick little update on what we have been up to the last week with Seesaw! We just wrapped up another math unit and the students have been working on adding using carrying. Each student had the opportunity to show their parents what they have been working on during this unit. I asked students to use any of the tools on Seesaw that they would like to in order to complete the tasks and demonstrate their learning. I proposed three adding equations and I asked students to show how they figured the Image result for thats a wrapquestion out as well as record their thinking to explain how they solved each question. Below are three examples of students using Seesaw to demonstrate their understanding of adding with carrying.

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I really enjoy how Seesaw allows students to demonstrate their learning in different ways. I love how user-friendly this program is for the students. These student videos were made with zero teacher guidance. The students independently figured out how to illustrate their equations and also figured out how to use the drawing feature to explain their thinking while doing their recordings.

I really enjoyed hearing them share their thinking. As a teacher, it is not often we get

to hear the thought process going on inside of our students’ mind. I recently read about a question prompt that I have been using with my students.It is, “Explain to me how this answer makes sense to you”. I have found this prompt to be a great conversation starter as it encourages students to share their thinking. I feel that the recording option on Seesaw is a great way to have students verbalize their thought process and how they came to an answer. I really enjoyed listening to their responses and I feel that it gave me a lot of valuable information in accessing their understanding of this math outcome!

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I am still working on launching the new activities feature that I wrote about in my blog post last week. I shared two activities with my students but unfortunately, the Ipads in my classroom needed the app update and that hasn’t yet been completed. I have contacted our tech department and they should be updated this week. I am excited to work with that new feature once my Ipads are updated. I want to continue to work towards being able to use this app to its fullest potential.

Moving forward, I plan to have the students looking at each other’s work and commenting feedback on one another’s work. I look forward to helping them learn how to communicate online. I also look forward to encouraging the parents to participate more on the app and giving them suggestions on how they can prompt further thinking and questioning by commenting on their child’s Seesaw journals. I am looking forward to building a bigger classroom community by welcoming and encouraging daily parent participation!

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Seesaw Activities Feature

In the month of October Seesaw launched a new feature: activities. This feature allows teachers to send students activities to do on their Seesaw accounts that the students can complete and post to their journals. I really like this feature as it allows teachers to prompt their students to demonstrate and explain their learning to share with their families. This week my grade 3/4s wrapped up another math unit so I felt like this was perfect timing to create an activity to send home a “Show what you know” example!

I had in mind two specific activities that I wanted my students to complete. I wasn’t really sure where to start with creating the activities so I thought I would check out the app first. I went on the Seesaw app and had a look at the pre-made activities Seesaw has for teachers to share. This helped me get some ideas on how to set my activities up. One thing I found helpful was it gave me ideas on to how to simplify the instructions and keywords my instructions should include for students to best understand how to demonstrate their work. This picture is an example of an activity on Seesaw for my grade level that with one click be shared with students. I used this as a guide to see how they broke down the instructions to clearly explain to students what steps they will need to complete to demonstrate their learning and share their work on their journal.

Photo Credit: Seesaw  

Once I had a look at the examples that Seesaw had already created, I decided what I wanted to create and share with my students. Even though Seesaw is really user-friendly I wanted to be sure that I fully understood how to create and share the activities properly so I first checked out the Seesaw help center and found a helpful article called “How Do I Use Activities?” This page gave me easy to follow step by step instructions on how to create an activity to share with my students. This is why I love Seesaw so much–  for every question it provides step by step tutorials, videos and images on what seems like everything!

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Once I felt like I had the basics I was ready to create a few math activities for my students to complete. The one problem I came across was I wasn’t sure how to add the images for the directions that Seesaw had added in their instructions. I then remembered a friend had tagged me on twitter a few days ago with a link to an explanation to this! I love that my friends who are not in this class are also looking out for me in my Seesaw journey! I also love how I can easily look back on my twitter account to that tweet and find the information she tagged me in! Thanks to my girl Nicole Reeve for always looking out for me!


This tweet leads me to the exact information I was looking for which was to find the shortcuts I can use to add pictures in my instructions while creating new activities. Once again this led me back to the Seesaw help center and to an article titled “Seesaw Icon Shortcut” which was exactly what I was looking for! These shortcuts allow teachers to insert the icons into the instructions which help the students easily identify what steps they are expected to complete for the task. This helps provide the students with a visual of which tools they need to use while reading the instructions. This is great for elementary students who are learning to read! You can find the full complete list of shortcuts here.

Photo Credit: Seesaw twitter 

The following are the two math activities that I shared with my students to complete. Both of these tasks are familiar tasks from their weekly assignment that I took a picture of for them to show their work on and share with their families. I wanted to provide them with work that they were familiar with so they could practice the process of doing work on Seesaw and using the record button to explain their thinking. I am very excited to see  their work and most excited to listen to their explanation of thought process to these questions.


I can’t wait to see how my students work through these activities this week! I am so excited that I finally added some activities for them to complete. I have said it before and I will say it again how impressed I am with how user friendly this is. I really appreciate how much support Seesaw provides teachers to help them quickly learn how to implement something new. As teachers, we all know we don’t have an extra minute in the day so I really appreciate this! My new found love this week was the Seesaw help center and how you can type anything in the search engine and step by step instructions as well as illustrations and videos pop up to help provide you with a tutorial.

Seesaw, my friends, check it out! What are you waiting for?!


@seesaw, I love you!

So let’s just take a second here to talk about twitter.  Previously I used twitter a little bit in my undergrad and for Alec’s class and then I ditched it immediately after. I don’t really have a good Twitter love cute emoji twitter GIFreason why–I just did and never ever went back. Well, now I am feeling as if– TWITTER WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Ok, ok I know this is my own fault. Everyone talks about how great twitter is and how as a teacher it is an amazing resource to learn from and to connect with other educators. Well how I didn’t listen earlier really is beyond me!

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I have found twitter to be so helpful in building knowledge around using seesaw in the classroom. One of the first people I started following was @seesaw when I set up my twitter account. Throughout the day they are using their twitter account to inform educators of PD opportunities as well as any new features that they are launching on their site. In the short period of time that I have been using seesaw in my classroom they have already updated and added new features to the site. Twitter was how I became informed of the changes and where I learned how the new features can be implemented.This past month @seesaw has launched an activities feature on the seesaw app. On October 19th @seesaw shared this new feature via their twitter feed inviting teachers to join them for PD to learn more about the new feature the activities tab!

Teachers quickly learned about this feature and the excitement spread! @seesaw re-tweets teachers ideas and comments about seesaw all day long to help spread the excitement among educators.

I really appreciate how @seesaw takes the time to re-tweet many of the posts that they are tagged in. If you check their feed the majority of their feed is re-tweets sharing how teachers are using seesaw in their classroom. I find this so beneficial to see how teachers are using it firsthand in their classrooms. I have have gained so many valuable ideas from this. You can tell @seesaw is so supportive of teachers and appreciative of how they are using this in their classrooms! What better way to celebrate learning than by sharing it with others!!

I got the idea for students to read and share their published writing on seesaw from @seesaw sharing @mrsmichelclass tweet on their news feed.  This was a great example of students using seesaw to record their published pieces of work and share them with their families. This week our class completed their first polished piece of writing using the entire writing process. I had students record themselves reading their stories to add to their journals. This was a great task for my students to share their stories as well as being able to listen to their recording of their stories. During the editing process I ask students to read their stories out loud to themselves. I always find this to be helpful in editing as it allows them to hear their story and ensure that it makes sense. I feel that students learned so much more about their stories by listening to them being played back as opposed to just reading them out loud to themselves. I now plan on adding this step in my editing process for our next writing assignment! This has helped me realize that seesaw shouldn’t just be for reporting the final project but should also be for documenting the process!

This week I have 16 parents connected which in my classroom is only 66% of parents connected. I have a goal to have 100% participation so I have some work to do. I have now sent two separate notes home reminding parents to sign up. I am trying to figure out what my next step should be. Does anyone have suggestions about what works to get parents on board with something? I would love suggestions on this!

Photo Credit: Seesaw

One thing I am going to look into is the feature that seesaw has which translates the welcome letter into students first languages. I have two families who may understand better if the letter is translated. I am going to look into what language they would need their letters translated into and see if seesaw provides those language options. I feel like this is a very helpful tool for teachers as getting letters translated can be difficult. I am sure my EAL families will greatly appreciate this. This is on my to do list this week!

All in all it has been another good week using seesaw in our classroom. The students are getting in the groove and parents are liking and commenting on their child’s work! I can’t wait to hear from parents what they think about seeing their students work on seesaw. This tweet warmed my heart and I am sure we will get similar feedback!

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update to what we have been up to and how twitter has been amazing in helping keep me informed about what the new features are and how others are using seesaw in their classroom to its fullest potential.

Go give @seesaw a follow! You won’t be disappointed!!

Ready, Set, Launch!

Seesaw has officially launched in our classroom! I am so excited that I have now started the process of handing the power over to the students. The lead up work of learning the basics of what Seesaw is all about and how to launch it  is over and now the fun begins with implementing it into our classroom.

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The first step to getting going was ensuring that all of my students had permission to participate. Seesaw is luckily one of the social media platforms listed on our schools media release and consent forms so if students already had permission on that form I did not need to get extra permission. Not all of my students had blanket permission so I decided that I would send another note home for permission just for their child to use Seesaw in our classroom. I explained to these families the following:

Seesaw is a secure online learning journal that is private and only accessible by the teacher, students and parents. You will only have access to your own child’s work and all of the content is stored securely.

I feel that Seesaw is a great way to introduce children and families to social media as it is secure so I feel that it is a great platform for students to learn about digital citizenship. I feel that it is important to express to parents who are unsure about giving permission for social media that their child’s work will not be posted publicly and that it can only be accessed by the student, the parents and the teachers. In the introductory letter I included information about Seesaw as a program and the benefits to our learning that this program will provide. I  attached a separate permission form for students who still required permission. See the attached letter for the information that I provided to my parents!

Seesaw letter

Once permission was taken care of we started to explore the app in class. In small groups students were given the opportunity to explore the features on the app. I was amazed at how quickly the students were able to navigate the different features. During the students first time on Seesaw I asked them to add a picture of themselves and to voice record anything they would like to about their introduction to Seesaw. I had the students add this to their journals so that when their parents logged on for the first time they would get to see some entertaining photos of their child to welcome them to Seesaw.

Shortly after the notes about Seesaw went home parents started connecting to their child’s journals. It was so exciting to see how quickly many of them jumped on board. Many of the parents were commenting and liking their child’s first post to Seesaw. Some parents commented how excited they are to follow along with their child’s learning. I got the exact reaction from parents that I was looking for.  One of my professional goals this school year was to connect more with parents and I feel that this is a great start and Seesaw helps me connect with parents all in one location.  Within a few days I have half of my class connected online! I plan to follow up with parents who have not yet connected, to help get them connected and make sure that they are not having any issues figuring the app out!

As the week moved on I added to the students journals throughout the week. I wanted to demonstrate to the students what types of work they could add to their journals to share with their parents. This gave me the opportunity to model and demonstrate how we can use the app during class time to communicate to our families what we are currently working on.  I wanted to ensure that we added work to their journals this week so families can get on the app and learn what it is all about!

I also made sure to suggest to the students when I felt like they were working on something that would be great to share. I set up a Seesaw station in the classroom and told students that when they were finished their work they were more than welcome to go and share their work with their families. My goal is that the students will become independent in wanting to share their work and choosing what they would like to send home. I see the benefits of using Seesaw in an upper elementary as the students are at the age where they can decide what they want to share with their families.

I feel that the first week using Seesaw in our classroom has been awesome! I can already see how this program will fit and work within my classroom.

Moving forward I have a few learning goals that I want to accomplish:

  1. Students become independent in sharing
  2. Students learn how to use tools on Seesaw to document and reflect on their learning
  3. Seesaw becomes interactive as the students comment on each others work
  4. Encourage families to become social on Seesaw with their children
  5. Continue to learn about the features of Seesaw and more ways to incorporate it into the classroom 
  6. Continue to use Twitter to follow @Seesaw as professional development



Collaboration: Seesaw COP

One thing I have learned this past week is that as an educator there is an army of people and resources out there to help you. This past week I have been focusing on getting my Seesaw classroom ready to launch in my classroom. After spending some time watching videos on youtube about the uses of Seesaw in my classroom I knew that I wanted to jump in and get started as soon as I could!

The first step that I took was this past week was getting my Seesaw account and online classroom set up on Seesaw. I first watched this step by step video to get an idea about  how to set up my class account.

Once I was on the program I realized how user friendly it is. It breaks every step down for you as you work through setting up your class. It provides you with a getting started guide with different options to help you get started. It provides you with a link to watch a getting started video, printable getting started guide that includes information for teachers, students and families, links to ideas to launch Seesaw in your specific grade level, videos to help students join your class, and printable invites to send home to invite your students families to join. Before I even got started they answered questions that I didn’t even know I had yet! I found their site to be very user friendly which was very helpful as we know how busy the day of a teacher can be! Here is a look at the getting started link on the Seesaw website!

getting started

On Friday I had the opportunity to attend a Community of Practice that allowed me to connect with many teachers from around Regina Public Schools. This COP gave us the opportunity to get together to specifically talk about the Seesaw program and share ideas on how everyone is using it in their classrooms. We got to spend the entire morning for Professional Development Collaboration. There were teachers from all grade levels with all levels of experience using Seesaw. Over the past few years I have heard of many teachers using this program but mostly in the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten grade levels as it has been a division initiative for teachers in these grades to use Seesaw in their classrooms. I was so excited to see many other teachers from all grade levels there  to share and learn how others are using it in older elementary grades as well. It was exciting to collaborate with many other teachers to learn about how others are using Seesaw in their classrooms. cop

This PD was very helpful in many ways. The facilitator created a ‘classroom’ and allowed us all to log in as ‘students’. This was a great experience as it allowed each of us to practice signing in using the class QR code and it gave us the opportunity to see what Seesaw looks like from a students perspective. I thought this was very helpful as it allowed me to understand what the program looks like from their perspective and gave me ideas about how I am going to launch it in my classroom with the students. We each were asked to explore the tools and share a photo, voice note, drawing or anything we could with Seesaw to introduce ourselves. I took advantage of being able to play around with all of the tools that students will have access to. I learned a lot from listening to discussions around ideas that others were using in their classroom. It was a great to hear how others around the division are also using this program. It was a fun morning spent with colleagues sharing and collaborating !nicole.jpg

Moving forward with my project this week I plan to get my students ready to launch their online journals. I am going to start with a mini unit on Digital Citizenship to ensure that they understand the expectations of what appropriate online behavior looks like. I have prepared the family packages with each students individual codes printed off Seasaw website! I encourage everyone to check out their website as it really does all of the work for you! I will keep you all posted on how the launch of Seesaw goes in my classroom this week! I am very excited for my students as I know they are going to be so excited about this!

Connecting Home and School

For the past two years I have been very fortunate to work part-time in a job share partnership, which allowed me to spend more time at home with my young children. During this time I shared all of the classroom duties with another teacher. This experience was very rewarding, but with sharing a classroom it also was challenging to work together to effectively communicate with parents in a way that worked best for the both of us.

I am finally back on my own and I am excited to launch this school year as the solo teacher, giving me the opportunity to explore new tools to connect what we are doing at school with families at home. I started thinking about this home school connection more when my children started at a new daycare this year and we were asked to sign up for the program remind. This program allows the teachers at my children’s daycare to send us pictures and updates to show  what our children are up to that day at daycare. I love receiving these updates as it keeps us informed about what they are up to during the day and also gives us a conversation starter to talk about what they are learning about. I have first hand as a parent got to see the benefits of being a part of my child’s learning even if it is only at daycare.


This made me start thinking about the new school year and what I want to do in my classroom to allow my students’ parents to be a part of their child’s school day. When sitting in a writing PD one day I was briefly introduced to the program Seesaw. In the brief introduction the administrator shared how students could take a snapshot of their work and send it directly to their parents to view. I immediately was intrigued and knew that I wanted to learn more!

I am going into this major project very new to how Seesaw works and what it can offer to my classroom. I immediately used my unlimited lifeline ‘call a friend’ and called one of my ‘techy’ teacher friends to pick her brain into how this could be used in my classroom. It sounded to good to be true! It sounded like everything I was looking for in one single program. Still, really having no idea how it worked other than some of the features that I could use I decided to start browsing youtube to see if I could find any online PD to help answer some of my questions. I found the perfect video called “PD in your PJs- brand new to seesaw (part 1).

This video was a great place to start for teachers who are looking to launch Seesaw in their classrooms. I learned a lot about what Seesaw is and the benefits of using it in the classroom. The first PD video focused on what tools can be found on Seesaw and how students can use the tools to document and share their learning. It was a hands on video that allowed teachers to log into a classroom on Seesaw as a students and add pictures, videos, notes, drawings and voice recordings. I learned a lot from the leader Angela Gadtke of this online PD. I look forward to watching part 2 of her PD this week to learn how to set up my classroom on Seesaw.

I also am very excited about other PD opportunities that I have found within my school division Regina Public Schools for using Seesaw in the classroom. I plan to attend a PD opportunity next week at the board office as well as I have joined the Seesaw Community of Practice for this school year. This is a professional development community that gathers a few times this school year to share and discuss how we are using Seesaw in our classrooms. I am excited to collaborate with other teachers in our division to find out what they are doing in their classrooms with Seesaw as well as share what we will be doing in my classroom.

I am very excited about my major project this term as building this home school connection within my classroom has always been something I have wanted to do. I feel that this program is going to be a great way to document, share and connect my students learning with their families. I would love to hear from anyone who is already using this program in their classrooms!