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EC&I 831 Summary of Learning

Hello Everyone,

Below is my summary of learning for EC&I 831!  After seeing some of my colleagues’ work and summaries, I realize that I still have a long way to go in the area of creating engaging presentations but I know that I am well on my way!  Great work to all of my fellow EC&I 831 colleagues and good luck with the rest of your programs!!!


Stop-Motion and iMovie Review

This week we were tasked with reviewing an app.  This assigned blog coincided with my midterm evaluation feedback where the idea of utilizing “stop-motion” to enhance my blog posts was provided.  My first thought was “umm, what is stop-motion? I must have missed that”.  So I decided I would review this application so that I could learn more about it as well as create a stop-motion video for my final digital learning project blog post!

Credit: Apple iStore

So for those who aren’t aware of what Stop-Motion is, the above is what you can search for in the Apple store.  This application can be used to create videos by taking a series of pictures of still objects and running them together quickly to create ‘movement’.  This is much like old school cartoons, the Lego Movie and Wallace and Gromit.  The app contains helpful tutorials on how to create your own videos but I found it useful to turn to YouTube, like most things!

This video owner recommends further editing Stop-Motion videos utilizing iMovie which comes with your Apple updated software.  I found another very enthusiastic video presenter who explains iMovie step by step and it was extremely helpful in creating my own video!

So the best way to see if this all made sense and just how user-friendly the Stop-Motion app and iMovie are was to try it out myself!  Since I was wrapping up my digital learning project, I made a video to close off my final blog post (see below!).  I have decided that the app is fantastic for creating fun videos and I could also apply this to enhance my power points for students.  I could create short clips highlighting key concepts of pathophysiology using a combo of Stop-Motion and iMovie that would add movement to my slides and assist me in using more original work.  So thanks for checking out my post, hope you like my brief video!

Capitalizing on Existing Face Time

This is not referring to FaceTime on the iPhone but rather face-to-face time with colleagues at work.  One of the struggles I have with collaborating and sharing work, at work, is the lack of face-to-face time with my colleagues.  Once the year starts, we are siloed to our respective courses and hectic schedules and there is little time for collaboration.  Steven Johnson spoke about the coffee shop where ideas are born, or the water cooler talks that result in great ideas.  I think that these informal conversations are great for planting ideas and sharing but they are fleeting in my workplace.  What if we capitalized on our existing face time, staff meetings…

My colleague, Nam Le discussed sharing at formal meetings on his blog this week and the fact that not all participants share equally, feel comfortable or have the opportunities.  I agree with this as it is our current status of formal staff meetings.



But what if a culture of sharing was created?  Forgoing some updates (even every other meeting) that could be shared via a newsletter or email to the group and spending even 15 minutes having smaller breakout discussions of the status of courses, how the material is being delivered and generating ideas.  It was discussed previously in EC&I 831 that although I may not even think about how my material is delivered as special or unique, someone else may find it interesting and benefit from sharing.  The possible rebound benefit could be that staff meetings become a place of positive energy and learning versus required event in an already busy schedule.


So, I don’t have a lot to add from my previous Blogs of education and sharing as well as open education.  But my real life thoughts on how to capitalize on lived experiences of my peers led me to this.  Hopefully, at some point, I have the opportunity to bring this forward and we can increase our professional culture of sharing!