Rhizomatic Learning – Oct. 25, 2011

Tonight, we were very fortunate to have Dave Cormier as our guest in EC&I 831. The topic was Rhizomatic Learning, a concept that Cormier has been expanding upon for some time (at least since this post in 2008). Dave gave a wonderful overview of the topic, and was able to fully engage the participants in using his ‘live slides’ method (creating a slide deck on the fly through user feedback).

If you missed the conversation, there are two ways to view it. First, the entire Blackboard Collaborate session is available here. Also, Cormier saved his own copy of the presentation using a great tool called Screenflow. The resulting recording has been uploaded to Youtube and is available here and embedded below.

If you want to learn more about the topic, check out Cormier’s more recent post, “Workers, soldiers or nomads – what does the Gates Foundation want from our education system?“.