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Day 1 of Training!

Welcome to day 1 of training for the 5k! I did a little intro, before running video that explains what my first day of running would look like.  Don’t forget to check out the after video to see how I did!

Here is the training schedule I am following. It is a little blurry, not too sure why as it wasn’t in the original.  But if you want to check it out, it is from this website on Runner’s World.


Oscar worthy?

I have been thinking about my final project and how I want it to look. I am not techy, nor do I explore much with tech, especially if it is out of my comfort zone. I want to try and use iMovie to create a documentation of all my running! I watched this video on an iMovie tutorial for beginners, and I found it easy to follow. I have a few ideas of how I want the final project to look. 1) I am thinking of doing a montage of my running throughout the next several weeks, or 2) I was thinking of doing a documentary type of my journey.  Not sure how I will end up doing it….I could run the blog like a daily documentary and then have the final project the montage. Stay tuned to see how it all plays out!

What do you call a sad gangster? An Emo-G.

Technology, in general, has been a headache for me. I don’t like change and I don’t have the time to learn about every new invention. I currently use Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These would be the most social media apps I am familiar with on a very basic level. I don’t post very often and when I do, it is mostly about my children’s accomplishments. I have a healthy relationship with social media regarding never posting inappropriate pictures or rants. I do not comment on posts or sources I am not familiar with. I use social media as a way to stay connected with people who I have met throughout my life. It has allowed me to re-connect with people from my past that I normally wouldn’t have been able too. I don’t allow my social media to consume me at all times.

However, if I had to speak to some negative ways social media has affected me, I would say that the advertising gets me every time. I will see adds for home décor, clothing, shoes, accessories….you name it, and I will want to buy it! When I see posts of nice homes, high end things people are showing off, or a celebrity type lifestyle, naturally, it makes me wish I could afford some of these things.  Another negative way social media has impacted me is by reading how mean and judgmental people are. It bothers me to read such hateful things. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

Social Media Concept. The meeting at the white office table.

From Couch to 5K!!!!

Ok! So originally I was going to do a sewing project, however the cost of material was WAY more money than I wanted to spend! So I will be doing a learning to run a 5K. I do have a treadmill, and I currently walk, but I am not a runner, nor do I like running. But I am going to give it a try! This is going to be a BIG challenge for me as I am completely out of shape!  It might be quite amusing to watch. Full-length image of elderly sportive woman in colorful uniform training, running, posing against yellow studio background. Concept of sportive lifestyle, retirement, health care, wellness. Ad

What’s SEWING on?

For my learning project I will be making a rag quilt with a sewing machine! I do own a sewing machine that is nicely tucked in a corner still waiting to be used! So why not now? In high school I took Home Economics, and I learned the basics of sewing. I know how to thread a sewing machine and can do the bare minimum. Years ago for Christmas, my mom bought me a sewing machine that hasn’t really left the box since I got it! So I plan on using it and putting it to good use over the next 6 weeks! My mother in law has made many quilts and is an avid quilter, so I will be able to have support if I need. I watched some videos on youtube, and I found this one.  These will be the instructions I will follow. I watch a variety of videos and I really like how this one has the 10 inch squares, as some of them only had 6 or 7 inch squares and I thought the rag quilt looked too compacted.