Entering a KETOgenic WOE….

So moving forward to my major assignment I have decided to stick with the theme of “bettering myself”, and change my habits. I, since I became a wife and mother, have struggled with a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight, healthy eating habits, and a workout schedule that I can maintain.  I have been married for almost 13 years, and have 3 amazing sons, ages 10, 7 and 6.  It began when I got married, the newly wed weight gain. Then during my pregnancies, I gained a ridiculous amount of weight, I’m talking over 100 lbs, and have really struggled to lose it. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes for all three pregnancies, and fear that a diagnosis of diabetes is lurking around the corner.  I have the genetics to support this, which terrifies me.  I have tried so many things to lose weight, from Weight Watchers, to Beach Body, to various other diets, with very little success. But I have been doing some research and have come across a new Way of Eating (WOE) which is KETOgenic. The #ketowoe really limits ones’ carbohydrate intake, and focuses on eating fats and proteins.  I have spoken to several people who eat this way who have had great success, so I am taking this opportunity to hold myself accountable, and to change my lifestyle. My hope is to not necessarily only lose weight, but to change my relationship with eating.

I am scared…..scared of failing.  But as I reach the age of 40 (which is now the new 30, by the way) I know that life is worth more than junk food, and salty snacks.  My life is my family and children, and they deserve to have me in their lives for as long as I can, without slowly killing myself through food.

I am excited to share this journey with you and welcome any support or helpful hints moving forward.

Here’s to a new WOE!!!!!