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Major learning project- Introduction

Baking is an outlet for self-expression and stress relief, much like any creative activity. A recipe is only a recipe until a baker makes it and adds a little of their love, passion, and creativity to it. When words don’t seem enough to express something, baking can even be used as a form of communication. It can be used to express gratitude, affection, appreciation, and even sympathy. I wasn’t interested in cooking or baking when I lived in India. however now that I live alone in Canada, my interest in baking and cooking has grown. I have to prepare food on my own without my mother’s assistance. The fact that most cookies and cakes in Canada contain eggs, but I’m a vegetarian so I want to make eggless cookies, is one of the key reasons why my interest in baking has increased recently. After my initial cake effort, I was really disappointed, I made cupcakes last week but it was not looking good I have been putting in a lot of practice from last week. I now bake cakes and cupcakes in a proper way as compared to the first attempt.  According to my perspective, baking reduces stress.Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes

Making treats for other people gives one a sense of pride and success. Everybody has been in a situation where they want to escape life’s daily stresses. My recommendation? Enter the kitchen, then begin baking. Warm chocolate cookies are always a welcome treat, and they will give you something fresh to keep your mind active. Procrastinating, which is the practice of baking to put off other difficult tasks or obligations, is another name for this.

I am aware that making cookies like this requires a lot of work based on my prior baking experiences. They won’t be straightforward to learn, and it will require time and effort on my part to achieve this level of proficiency. After some study, I came across a number of methods that I can use every week. Depending on my life, I try a different cookie-making method or style every week. I’m eager to start this trip!

Relationship with social media

In today’s world, technology has mostly taken over. Future work opportunities will be significantly impacted by ongoing research in artificial intelligence, robotics, and mixed reality. Because of this, having a solid understanding of digital technology is becoming crucial. Over the last 20 years, information and communication technology has undergone a fast transformation, with the introduction of social media being a significant advance. Social media offers people a variety of advantages and chances to empower themselves in many ways.  People nowadays have greater access to information than ever before and are able to establish social networks and support systems that would not otherwise be possible.  People’s online groups and social interactions can be incredibly beneficial for boosting and strengthening their social skills and self-confidence. They are websites where users can register for personal accounts and post and share different kinds of content with a group of people, usually their friends. It might be images, one’s current state of mind, movies, or one’s location. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Linkedin are the most well-known social networking sites. I have to admit that my relationship with social media is a little complicated.

social media concept hand drawing on blackboard

I created accounts on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Even today, Instagram remains one of my favorite social media networks. I learn best visually, therefore I enjoy getting brief glimpses into other people’s daily life. On Instagram, I can communicate with people. I made my account private therefore I don’t have as many followers on Instagram. I’d like it to be more about interacting with my community through images and less about getting likes and follows. Not to mention constantly tagging other people in memes.Instagram - Wikipedia


I signed up for Pinterest because I am working in a daycare and I have to organize activities for kids. As a teacher, in general, I must admit that I adore Pinterest. I always use Pinterest in order to introduce and organize perfect activities according to the level of the children. not only his interest provide videos and procedures for making something that is very helpful for me.10 Pinterest Advertising Strategies You Should Be Using



Facebook (@facebook) / TwitterMoreover, I first joined Facebook when I was a 12th grader. In comparison to today’s world, it was different. It was a wonderful method for me to stay in touch with friends, share pictures, and let everyone know what had been happening in my life. It also gave me a way to make “friends” online. I can connect with people from all over the world on Facebook, and I can also learn more about the cultures, values, and traditions of other nations. I can search and invite our friends to join, connect to the globe, access all information by just signing up, and share every detail of our private lives with all of our contacts.


Impacts of social media

Social media frequently has advantageous benefits. A Harvard study found that regular social media use is linked favorably to social well-being, self-rated health, and mental health. Simply being conscious users and maintaining a balanced viewpoint on social media’s place in our life is all that is required. By doing so, we can be motivated, informed, and empathetic, and improve our communication skills. Social media is very helpful for studying. I now have access to a vast amount of reliable information thanks to the Internet, and social media is a terrific resource for finding and disseminating reliable information. I can access a variety of information regarding

Positive Effects Of Social Media - Steph Socialtheir academic subjects and personal interests. Even though I’ve witnessed some fairly terrible social media usage in the classroom, there have also been some truly fantastic things. It has been incredibly inspiring to see students produce their own podcasts, channels, paintings, videos, and other media. Many students, in my experience, feel a sense of belonging in the social media realm that they may not experience in their classrooms. Moreover, I am leaving in Canada but my family is in India. Social media is one of the best sources that I can contact my friend, family members, and my neighborhood. I think social media have to make life easy. Social media has changed that since it makes it possible for me to interact with people from around the globe in my daily life. As a result, I’ve been able to reach out to more people than ever before and grow our social network.

The negative impact of social media

It has drawbacks, just like utilizing any tool. We are currently assessing some of the drawbacks of using social media because it is still, historically speaking, a relatively new phenomenon. The inability to always tell who is using a social media account is one of the drawbacks. False information and statements are spread without sufficient verification on social media platforms with the ease of creating fake accounts. I faced a problem last year when someone made the same account just like me and send a request to my friend on Instagram on that time I was worried about how to visit possible how someone made a similar account just like me. As a teacher, I think that Social media is thought to be one of the factors contributing to the decline in educational levels and standards among teenagers and young children.  In terms of education, social media is thought to be one of the causes of the decline in educational level and quality among teenagers and children. As the brain becomes less efficient in processing memories and information, their extensive use of social media may have an impact on their IQ. Additionally, instead of attempting a homework assignment on their own, students are now fully dependent on “google” to get the solution to a question or the answer to a research assignment. in children and teenagers’ educational standards and levels.7 Negative Effects of Social Media on People and Users

These are just a handful of the benefits and drawbacks of using social media. We are still figuring out how social media works and what it means for the entire human race. The aforementioned benefits and drawbacks should be weighed according to the user’s developmental stage, the purpose of use, the amount of time spent on social media platforms, the user’s relationships and ability to perform well at work or school,  and the difficulty of the user in engaging in non-social media-related activities. Social media will continue to exist. It’s crucial to learn how to use it effectively and constructively.