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Sunset Photography: How it Started, How it’s Going, and Where it’s Going!

Welcome to my final update on my photography journey this semester. However, my newfound hobby will not be ending here. I am going to continue to post to my photography Instagram account, so feel free to give me a follow if you would like to see more!

This learning project really challenged me in ways I was not expecting. I started out with the broad idea of taking landscape photos, to realizing I really only like sunset photos. This then proved to be very difficult to do, because sunset happens at a very specific time and happens quite quickly. I finally managed to talk my husband into videoing my ‘process’ (click the video below to get a snapshot).

Here is how it went for me most nights:

  1. FIRST I would sit on my couch in the evening, watching the sky from my window, checking the sunset time on my phone
  2. IF I saw the sky turning nice colors I would run to grab my gear, jump in my car, and drive as fast as legally possible to Douglas park hill
  3. THEN I would run up the hill (if the gates were locked, which was every time except for when we shot this video *luckily*), swatting a million mosquitoes
  4. AFTER finding the perfect spot I would begin to get my Manual setting set up just right to capture the photo (these settings were changed constantly as the light shifted throughout the sunset)
  5. FINALLY, after taking at least 30 photos, and the sun had set, I would drive home, sift through them all, and choose my favorites

Needless to say, my husband HATED this part of my learning project. But now that I am in the habit of chasing the sunset, I hate to miss one. It really is one of the most beautiful, unexpected, parts of the day. Each night brings new colors, new obstacles, and new beams of light. Here is one of my favorite shots from my latest sunset chase.

Measuring my Progress

How it StartedHow it’s GoingWhere it’s Going
– Just a girl & a camera– Still a girl & a camera
– An Instagram Account to connect & create
– A Feedly Channel to find content
Twitter Photography Accounts
Pinterest Inspiration
Youtube Channels to follow
Photography Blogs and websites to learn from
– Girl & Camera
– Online content to consume
– Online space to create
– Share a photo to Creative Commons *slightly terrified to do this but also excited!*
– Take some in-person photography classes

Learning Online: Pros/Cons

– Resources at my fingertips
– Influences from around the world
– Space to share and create with a wider audience
– Endless information for whatever you need
– Free
– Isolating
– Endless scrolling
– Tough to ‘weed’ out the good from the bad resources
– Increased personal screen-time

Overall, I found learning online to be very ‘user-friendly’. However, I sometimes struggled to get personalized information. I would be outside, taking photos, and realize that I needed an opinion on how to emphasize certain angles or light features. But I had no one to ask. So I would look it up on my phone or trial and error it. But it was hard to find specific-in-the-moment answers. I think to continue my journey I would love to take an in-person photography class to balance out my learning experience. I see the benefits of learning a new skill online, but I also think I learn best through a combination of online and in-person. I have learned so much in these last 7 weeks through online resources and I am so grateful that this project re-inspired me to try photography again. I can honestly say that this is a skill I will continue to build upon and learn about both online and hopefully in person!

In conclusion, if you would like to learn more about the specific digital tools I used along my journey, feel free to scroll through my other posts. And don’t forget to give me a follow if you would like to continue with me on my photography journey!

“Knots and Hoops: My Social Media Embroidery Adventure”

Each week brings new challenges and discoveries, and I was thrilled to take you along with me on this artistic endeavor. In the initial stages, I carefully selected a design that spoke to my heart and captured my imagination. The patterns and stitches I chose beautifully represent nature, featuring intricate floral motifs and delicate details. It encompasses both elegance and complexity, ensuring a rewarding and fulfilling experience as I bring it to life. 

Social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are the main tools to complete my project journey. Starting with a blank canvas and a palette of vibrant threads, I meticulously planned out the color scheme, envisioning the final piece in all its glory. I have spent countless hours meticulously stitching each stitch, immersing myself in the rhythmic dance of needle and thread. With each completed section, the design comes alive, revealing its true beauty and captivating me with its charm. 

The project which I started last week for my friend, finally I was able to finish it for him. So, here is the final look –


After completing that one, I started thinking about and exploring Pinterest and Instagram more and more. After a thorough search, I chose two Pinterest designs to work on. They are just figures, and I found them appealing to complete my embroidery journey. So, here is the first one –

The idea I took from Pinterest – 

My journey to complete the pattern –

And the final look, complete it with the help of Chain stitch, Back stitch, French knots and Lazy daisy. 

Throughout this journey, I have encountered moments of triumph and challenges that have pushed my skills to new heights. But every setback has been an opportunity for growth, a chance to refine my technique and embrace the imperfections that make handmade embroidery so special. It is a constant reminder of the value of patience, dedication, and persistence. 

Then I found an amazing pattern on Pinterest, universe head –

I made some amendments in the pattern while stitching it. And here is the final one –  


As I sat down each week to update you on my progress, I am filled with gratitude for the support and encouragement I have received.  Your kind words and constructive feedback have been invaluable sources of motivation, pushing me to go further and explore new creative avenues. 

I anticipated challenges that would test my skills and opportunities to experiment with different techniques. Each stitch was an expression of my creativity and love for this art form, a testament to the countless hours of dedication and the joy it brings me. 

Thank you for joining me with my enchanting journey to weave threads of imagination into splendid creations. 

#PLN #ECI831

I included this in my summary of learning as well. However, it also ties into the Networked Professional Learning Assignment. I went back through every interaction on Twitter, every classmate’s blog, and every photographer on my Instagram and listed ALL the accounts, hashtags, and pages I followed. This does not include my Feedly blogs, Discord interactions, or BeReal. However, it gives a good visual of the connections I was able to make in the last 7 weeks and hopefully can continue to grow after the class as well.

I am most excited to continue to use Twitter, Blogging, Instagram, and BeReal. following this class. Discord and Feedly served me more as specific resources, whereas, I feel that the other platforms can continue to grow my #PLN in the future.

Summary of Learning #ECI831

Welcome to my Summary of Learning post! I will keep this short & sweet so that you can spend more time checking out my summary and reading less. I chose to use TOME (an AI presentation tool) to try something new for my final project. I had never used it before so *fingers crossed* it presents the way it should. It was really neat to try working WITH AI for my final project. I wanted to use it as a tool, like we learned from Alec Couros, and embed it with my own content and voice. Integrating AI is something I would LOVE to continue to work on in my own profession with students and colleagues.

Thanks again for following me on this journey! And thank you Katia for facilitating so many deep conversations, teaching us new concepts, and expanding my #PLN.

I hope you enjoy!

(When you open up the presentation, just click on my floating head to make me talk!)

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Did you reflect on similar learnings? Would you use TOME? What could be some pros/cons of this AI program?

Run, Raegyn, Run!

"When I got tired, I slept. When I got hungry, I ate. When I had to go, you know, I went." - Forrest Gump

This TikTok pretty well summed up my experience with running. I am not going to lie it was a great experience but required a lot of self-talk to keep going and not give up when I was tired and/or sore.

My running experience started from scratch; as a beginner. I really did not know where to start or what my running journey would look like, so I turned to my handy sources - YouTube and TikTok. TikTok and YouTube gave me the power to learn different techniques, strategies, and routines for running.

Over the course of the next 6 weeks, I looked at many accounts and people to learn from them. From how to slowly get started, to music, to stretching, avoid injury, and understanding that we are all at different places and you cannot compare yourself to another runner. I felt my learnings were exemplified because I had access to these available technologies.

Accounts that were useful to me in my journey:

  • How to Start Running featuring Braden and Yitka where I was able to utilize different tips and tricks to get me started. The main takeaway was starting slow even if that means starting with 30-minute walks and then easing into running, which is a key way to prepare your body for running. So of course, that is what I did.
  • @kirstybannatyne built off of Braden and Yitka as she had a five-minute strategy that encouraged you to walk for 30 minutes and throughout the week, work up to 5 minutes of running. I felt accomplished when I ran my first 5 minutes straight.
  • @nicofelich, @therunningtom, @dom_fusco, and @alexjophiel were very inspirational and encouraged me to work toward what I want and not stop to compare myself to anyone. No one else is on the same journey as me and I have to find what works for myself. Whether that was running at night or morning, running for 5 minutes straight or 20, running every day or every other day, I was able to find what works for me!
  • @mattchoi6 helped me with breathing techniques along the way and how not to sound like a dying horse, that I was sounding like. There were a variety of different methods but two quick breaths in and then out, was the technique that seemed to work well for me.
  • My stretching facilitators were the following: @jill_justine, @erinkbailey, Yoga With Tim, Physio Fitness, Tom Merrick,, @runwithestelle & @rhiannoncbailey. I was able to learn different static and dynamic stretches, pre, and post-run, to keep me feeling loose and avoid injury. I found dynamic stretches before my run and static stretches after, kept me feeling loose and able to enjoy running without the feeling of cramping or soreness.
  • @envisioncoachiingg and @r4ucoaching highlighted how to run properly to avoid injury. The main takeaway was running on your toes as opposed to your heels, which was hard for me because I am known for being loud and walking on my heels, so it was a bit of an adjustment, to begin with.
  • Undoubtedly, @fasterthany0u brought the best playlists to life and kept my runs energized and hyped, as he provided me with the best of the best music!
  • Finally, @hollyb_fitness and @kaitlynwitha_k_ kept me motivated along the way and allowed me to understand that running is a roller coaster and is not a linear process; one week you may be flying high and the next not feel as successful. This undoubtedly is how I felt, as I felt defeated along the way with my progress. Listening to motivational speakers is what brought me back and pushed me to self-talk, to work through the process.

It is clear that throughout the last few weeks, I turned to many different people to learn from. Learning from the internet is a challenge on its own but these people opened my eyes to new possibilities that I couldn’t have imagined.

I ended my running journey by running 20 minutes straight, 4-5 times a week, which is something I am EXTREMELY proud of. I did not end up using my Apple Watch throughout the process as I was finding I was becoming too reliant on “closing rings” and trying too hard to get a faster pace and ended up tiring myself out. Instead, I used Snapchat videos/photos and even made a few TikToks along the way! I really had fun throughout the process documenting what I was doing and trying new platforms.

My running mainly took place outdoors with the exceptional few times I did have to go to the gym because of rain or smoke, from the forest fires. But I think it was only 3 or 4 times I was not able to run outside, which is amazing because let me tell you, running in one spot (on a treadmill) is not where it is at. I found myself getting tired quicker and it required a lot of self-talk to keep going.

Finally, providing myself with themes before I even began kept me accountable and provided me with a guideline of where to go next with my running. My themes included:

  • Week 1: Discovering running – developing a plan
  • Week 2: Music while running
  • Week 3: Breathing exercises
  • Week 4: Stretching to reduce soreness
  • Week 5: Morning vs night running
  • Week 6: Running with a partner (I was not able to run with a partner in the end, so I went back and brought my learnings back together, focusing more on stretches, breathing exercises, and self-talk).
  • Week 7: Bringing it all together - utilizing strategies and techniques that worked over the weeks

"I just.... felt like running." - Forrest Gump

I really did have fun in the process and I hope you all enjoyed following along. This is just the beginning of my running journey and I plan to keep it up. Did you enjoy following along? Should I keep documenting along the way?

Major Learning Project: Pancakes

This week I decided to make Pancakes actually I did not try pancake because one of my friend told me that most of pancakes are with an egg  and making pancakes without eggs is something we would have never imagined possible. In fact, I believed that the egg is the secret to making pancakes that are incredibly fluffy and tasty. I was entirely mistaken because my colleague has an allergy to eggs and she suggested that we can easily make eggless pancakes then I decided to make an eggless pancake for this learning project.  I started following various Instagram channels and I also used Pinterest for getting recipes and information about pancakes.

Instagram channels that I used for making Pancakes


Millet pancakes


and the best youtube channel I found for Pancake recipes is

In order to make pancakes First, I gathered the necessary ingredients, including buttermilk, vegetable oil, all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. For the perfect texture and flavor, each component is essential. I chose all-purpose flour because it offers structure and sugar gives it a hint of sweetness. In order to give the pancakes a boost and achieve the desired fluffiness, I also added baking powder and baking soda. Along with the buttermilk, I also added a small amount of salt to improve the flavor overall. The vanilla extract gives the food a lovely aroma, and the vegetable oil maintains moisture and smoothness.

I started by thoroughly combining the dry ingredients in a big bowl, which included flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. pancakes 2I added the buttermilk vegetable oil and vanilla extract to another bowl and whisked the ingredients until the mixture was smooth. After that, I carefully added the wet components to the bowl of dry ingredients and stirred them just long enough to incorporate them.


Then, I lightly oiled the surface of a non-stick skillet with vegetable oil and heated it over medium heat. I put the batter onto the skillet to create pancakes.  I continued to cook them until surface bubbles appeared, signaling that it was time to flip them. I flipped them over and cooked them a further until golden brown on both sides.Pancakes As the pancakes cooked, I moved them to a serving plate and wrapped a kitchen towel around them to keep them warm. I discovered that this step was essential from the youtube channel in order to make sure that all of the pancakes kept moist and maintained their heat while I cooked the remaining batter.

There were a few obstacles I faced when I began to make eggless pancakes. Getting the correct level of fluffiness was one of the key challenges. Pancakes are well-known for being light and airy because of the eggs, and without them, it might be challenging to get the same effect. To ensure that the pancakes rose properly, I had to be cautious while using baking ingredients like baking soda or powder. Finding the perfect proportion of moisture to binding presented another difficulty for me. To bind the components together and give the batter moisture, eggs are essential. Without eggs, the pancakes could be more fragile and prone to breaking. To fix this, I experimented with substitute components such as mashed bananas, applesauce, or yogurt, which provided the required moisture and binding.

Major Learning Project: Cookies

In the world of baking, we have a special place in our hearts for cookies. They are the ideal treat for any event, whether it’s a festive gathering, a peaceful evening at home, or just a well-earned pleasure. At that time I made eggless cookies. In order to find the recipes I found many pages related to baking and cookies on Pinterest that help me to get information. There are many excellent recipes  Pinterest page for EGGLESS meals.   I also followed some Instagram accounts, There are different channels that I followed for making cookies.




Pinterest channels that I followed for eggless cookies are 

Eggless Baking Recipes

One Green Planet

One of thw you tube channel hat helped me alot for making eggless cookies is

Actually, it was the first time when i made cookies As I learned more about eggless cookies, I realized that the lack of eggs didn’t restrict the options; rather, it inspired my creativity. I changed tried-and-true recipes, adding my own special flavors and textures. Getting the correct uniformity was challenging, but I happily accepted. I figured out how to make pleasantly soft, chewy, or delightfully crunchy cookies, depending on my preferences, by carefully adjusting ingredient ratios and adding baking soda or baking powder. First, I used a fork and spoon to fluff up the flour in the jar and a knife to level it.  I also added 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda and thoroughly combined it with the flour.

Instead of egg i used butter and  I discovered that keeping butter out of the refrigerator for a while is better, but there is a requirement that before continuing, make sure it is soft but still cold. So I took the butter out of the refrigerator and creamed it. I don’t have a mixer, I quickly beat the mixture with a whisk. After that, I added 4 tbsps of light brown sugar because I had read that using all 4 tbsps of brown sugar will make the cookies more crisp and crunchy. Additionally, the cookies gain flavor and moisture through the use of light brown sugar. I carefully mixed it to form a dough. It was my first time making dough for cookies and I made sticky dough so I added 1 tablespoon of flour after that it became a little sticky.I learned on YouTube that dough needs to be wet but not sticky.


I added micro semi-sweet chocolate chips and  I carefully combined them.  I covered the dish and chilled it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes while the oven heated. I baked for precisely nine to ten minutes. I added micro semi-sweet chocolate chips and  I carefully combined them.  I covered the dish and chilled it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes while the oven heated. I believe that experimenting with eggless baking provided a chance to investigate healthier options.

My allies for baking cookies that nourished both body and mind were whole wheat flour and natural sweeteners. I increased the nutritional worth of my cookies without sacrificing flavor by adding a small amount o of dried fruits. Through this journey, I have improved my baking abilities while also learning more about the possibilities of each item.


Open the door to OER

After watching this video I realized that I had almost the exact experience that the video was talking about last year! I was teaching grade three and four, online. There were so little resources available for social studies in an online environment, so I was left using the Pearson textbook. We were learning about immigration and a pie chart was on the page of immigration in 2011. (Which also did not seem that long ago to me)! Some of the students spoke up and said “oh that is the year my older brother was born”. And then it hit me! This textbook is older than the kids using it. What kind of valuable information are kids getting from this? Like.. really?

This really brings forth the value of open education. Why shouldn’t we be able to share our resources, why should teachers then be expected to spend their own money on resources just for them to go outdated or to be part of yesterday’s trend. We really are stuck in a cyclical disaster. I think back to just my first year of teaching 5 short years ago, and I bought what was the current trend and top resources, and now here I am with those resources I spent hundreds of dollars on stashed away in my cupboard as my school implements new and improved resources and ideas.

I am not sure why more people have “bought into” this free educational resource. There is so much to offer and be a part of that allows for people to take ideas and points from others in a collaborative and open environment.

My last and final ponder on this topic is how do we actually and effectively get education to be accessible for all? What could this world be and turn into if we could get everyone in our world the truly acceptable and high quality education that everyone deserves.

All Blogged Out

My last writing prompt asked students to write about what they would change if they ran our school. While there was a variety of ideas, there was a number of that repeatedly showed up. We are the only school in the city that requires uniforms and while some students mentioned the benefits (no one makes fun of each other for your clothes, modesty, easy to identify students) this was the first thing that a majority of students would change. Next was use of cell phones. Our school has banned personal smart devices for k-8 students. I was not surprised by this, although reminding them that one student live streamed a class, was something that change a few minds. The third most common change they would bring to our school was gum. The amount of gum found on floors, desks, walls, etc., led to the school banning gum. Teachers are left to enforce it. In my class it has become a power play with one student, she refuses to stop, I have her get rid of it. It is a small but perpetual battle and it would appear the class has painted me (or at least the rule) as the villain.

Photo by Garrett johnson on

Overall this was the most interesting blog for me. It gave me insight into what each student enjoys or dislikes about our community. A number of them treated it like a persuasive letter. I did mention that I would read and reflect on their ideas, so this was probably my influence. It was a great way to end our project and gave them a chance to share their concerns in a calm and reflective way. It was gratifying to see my goal realized. We had created an online community where they could share different ideas and actually discuss it without filling the page with bile. A few students who struggle with this in real life were some of the best commenters. Imagine that! A social media project led to someone being kinder!

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

I ended this unit with a voluntary survey. By Friday night I received 13 responses, a little over half the class. I added an “other” option to each question which made the results more diverse.

Google Forms- Blog Survey Results- Personal Communication

I was surprised not to get at least one “I didn’t care” response. A majority didn’t think the assignment was hard, followed by technology issues and forgetting to finish it. As the teacher technology issues were my biggest struggle. Our tech is limited and a few students genuinely had blogs get lost somewhere in the digital ether.

Google Forms- Blog Survey Results- Personal Communication

I had expected the largest response would be how short the assignment was. One paragraph was the minimum. The fact that the majority enjoyed that it was something different is making me reconsider my assignments in the future. Two respondents enjoyed getting to know more about their peers. This was not an option I had posted and I found it oddly wholesome.

Google Forms- Blog Survey Results- Personal Communication

This was the survey question I was most curious about. I was grateful to see a majority of students preferred to post positive messages, but disappointment that 3 students said they had to stop themselves from writing something mean. While you might think this was a sarcastic comment, the previous survey questions did not indicate they were taking this as a joke. That is not to say I was surprised. We have had discussions in class around why we treat people unkindly and admitted that sometimes people think it is fun.

Photo by Keira Burton on

Finally I asked two short answer questions; starting with “What could I do better next time?” This question exposed me to a trap that I see my students fall into; miscommunication. My intention was to find out what I, as in the teacher, could do better for them, the students. They read the question as a personal one. Most responded with write more or be kind in the comments (breakthrough!). Two students understood my intention and asked me to open the blogs in front of them to avoid losing marks for missed assignments (which I had done a few times) and make the assignment longer so students could express themselves more (second breakthrough!).

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

I ended with “How was this experience different from regular social media?” A few didn’t notice much difference, however half responded with it was “safer” and “positive.” One student responded that they usually get bullied on social media and this project made them feel respected and listened to. I think these responses have ensured I will do this project again.

In the end I am very happy with the results of this project. It forced me to rethink how I assign literacy, acted as a media literacy lesson, and created at least one safe place for them to share and exist as digital citizens. My one regret is not adding the following question, “Did this project change how you use social media?” I want to think they would write about how they post kind things online, they stand up for each other and push aside the trolls. Maybe they would, I think I will live in that safe place for now.

Photo by Ana Arantes on