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Summary of Learning

Hi all! Laura Gaboury and I created  a podcast: “Geeky Gurus: Janeen and Laura’s Edu-Tech Extravaganza!” for our summary of learning — take a listen! You can find our resources below.  Resources Abe, P., & Jordan, N. A. (2013). Integrating social media into the classroom curriculum. About Campus: Enriching the Student Learning Experience, 18(1), 16–20. … Continue reading "Summary of Learning"

Summary of Learning: The Finale

Just like that, the spring 2023 semester has come to a close! Thank you to everyone for sharing your ideas, thoughts, and experiences that contributed to this learning experience! I have genuinely learned so much this semester and have already started to put much of the learning into practice in my classroom.

I hope you enjoy my mediocre acting and my dog’s film debut in my summary of learning!


Final Step Towards Learning

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

I’ve been quite worn out this week. My capstone synthesis course assignment took too long, and the most of the time I was preoccupied with work. Even though I had a busy schedule, I still made time for my workout. In order to be healthy and strong for my martial arts, I went for a morning stroll. Once I’ve mastered the stances and can retain both balance and power, I’ll have finished my martial arts training. Without a doubt, I’m still working on it. I wouldn’t say with assurance that I’m perfect in that regard, but I’m still trying. I’ll start taking classes after my master’s is finished.

I’ve gained greater insight into my weaknesses this week as a result of practicing martial arts with my director’s daughter. I’ve studied punches as well and practice them frequently, but I’m still not fantastic at them. Even yet, I have put a lot of effort into improving my weakness. For example, I used a work strategy while applying a punch to my had. Like when I bent down and kicked the opponent with my right toe at a right angle, but that was the incorrect course of action. Then, my director daughter’s informed me that before kicking someone else, we must first fix our positions. You must then watch your opponent’s position, alter your position as necessary, and take note of when the other person starts punching.

Video on

Despite this past week’s focus on a significant learning endeavour, I also learned about the various forms of martial arts. Shokotan, Ju Jitsu, Bajutsu, Jeet Kune Do, Kyusho Jitsu, Kuntao, Kokonda, and Kenjutsu are just a few examples of the many different martial arts. I’ve learned about all the stages from list-of-martial-arts , especially the crucial one. I now know that the martial art form known as Shokotan makes use of strikes. Despite the fact that I have started punches on opponents in this manner. That’s the method I prefer to use while punching an opponent in a martial arts match. However, Kenjustsu and Kokonda, two of the aforementioned martial arts styles, are my favorite’s and most practical.

Kokondo is utilised for self-defense and Kenjutsus is a tool for instruction in the study of martial arts.
Nodobut, even though I’ve reached the pinnacle of my martial arts training, I’m continuously learning and honing different forms. I’m having a great time and am happy for the activity and skill.

Thanks for reading .

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Open Education and Culture of Sharing

Role of Open Education and Culture of Sharing

Photo by Maddy Freddie on Pexels. com

Open education is essentially a concept, a practice, and a movement with the primary goal of increasing education for everyone’s accessibility, inclusivity, and effectiveness. Sharing resources, open content, pedagogical techniques, and resources that others can use or reuse is one of its key functions. Using digital technology, open education, in my opinion, is education that removes barriers globally, is available to everyone, and is unrestricted by any kind of barrier, whether financial, technological, or legal ones. In spite of this, open education is very important to me. In the same way, it may always make any kind of resources and content available.

In my personal life, I place more value on open education. It is increasingly significant in our daily lives. It aids in my ability to work with the institutions. For instance, when I was in India and enrolled in a six-month accounting programme at Lovely Professional University, open education enabled me to collaborate with university materials and information online for no charge. Even so, it is a free, convenient way for me to evaluate a variety of course assignments, due dates, and materials. Even still, I have to share the online resources with people who are unable to purchase books or other items online.

Video On

I believe it has a favorable effect on my professional life. It plays very significant role in teaching and sharing resources online. Teachers can independently share their resources. It is scalable in the sense that it can be freely distributed to everyone. However, it helps to reduce the financial burden that students feel while buying textbooks and paper copies of textbooks. According to me, it is the role of the educator to share their internet resources, materials, and information with their students. As a result, they are able to collaborate and assess at will wherever in the world.

Video on

During a pandemic, however, I would prefer to share my lectures, as well as resources and presentations, with my students online. Schools were shut down during the time. The student’s education was a worldwide concern. I was able to share my resources as part of an open education with the aid of zoon meetings. In spite of this, it benefits the pupils. While in class, students are more engaged and like listening to lectures. They become more intelligent and inventive with technology as a result. They are unable to share resources online or conduct screen shares. They become more aware of it and enjoy it more when open education occurs in their lives.

Thanks for Reading.

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summin’ it up – cheesy TV infomercial style

This semester has been a wild ride! I decided that I didn’t want to wait until fall to complete my degree, so decided to take the final two classes of my graduate degree in one nutty, six-week semester.

In my professional life, I would say I am definitely more of a serious personality. But after the formality of writing a final reflective paper for my Capstone Synthesis class, this Summary of Learning was an absolute breath of fresh air, where I got to harness my creative, silly side and make something a little nutty (to match the nuttiness of the last 6 weeks).

The format of my video was inspired by Chris, a classmate from a previous class (EC&I 832), who did a radio countdown video with song titles/lyrics that connected to topics from the course (think “Oops! I Did It Again” to link to Digital Citizenship faux pas). Unfortunately, I don’t think his video is viewable anymore, so you can’t see the awesomeness of his project (I reached out to Chris on Twitter to see if his video still exists somewhere on the interwebs, but haven’t gotten a reply yet).

Remembering Chris’ clever idea to link well-known songs to content from the course, I decided to add my own spin to this idea: I would write my own lyrics to the tune of popular songs and present them as a cheesy infomercial selling “Greatest Hits” CDs – circa the 90s/early 2000s. Check out the video below for an idea of what I was going for (Nostalgia Alert!).

Anywho, I now present to you my completely goofy Summary of Learning informercial! I hope it brings you a smirk or a giggle – I know I sure cackled away at myself for how outrageously campy and absurd my project turned out.

Thanks for watching! KKF out.

*mic drop*

Ready, Set, Go!

As I enter the final week of my project, I start to reflect on the overall growth that I have had as a learner, runner and teacher. 

This goal, as I mentioned before, really aligned with goal setting that I just finished completing and assessing with my students. At the beginning of the unit I teach about the importance of connecting mind, body, spirit and emotion through some medicine wheel teachings. Quite often, students find when they work on one of the four quadrants of the medicine wheel that there is growth in other areas as well. So, I thought that I would make a visual to represent the growth that I have seen in the four quadrants myself. 

It is not “new news” that running helps, but sometimes I just need that little push. At the end of the exhausting day, I can use a run to help regulate my emotions rather than being a grumpy pants all night. When I feel as though my mind is racing, I can use a run to help clear my mind. 

I have a plan to print off this visual and hang it on my fridge or somewhere visible. Then I can be sure that I am seeing the importance of running. 

Looking forward, I have to make a plan for how I am going to make this sustainable for the long term. This is not about just getting a good mark in EC&I (but that wouldn’t hurt me). 

Here are some great tools that I found to make and keep running a sustainable activity for my overall well being: 

This link gave me some support in how I can fit in smaller runs throughout the week. Sometimes 30 minutes is a lot, so some smaller runs just a few times a week could help me maintain the health and development of my running.

One of my biggest obstacles here in Saskatchewan is trying to figure out how maintain running in the winter. There sure aren’t many resources out there that support running in the cold, deep snow winter that we have. This Tik Tok had some relatable snow depths, but I am not sure about how cold this person really is as they run. 

Finally, I found an inspiration Instagram running coach that can hopefully pop up on my feed in a regular fashion for motivation. @trackclubbabe has regular motivation and real life posts that can keep me motivated through the good, the bad and the ugly! 

To finish, I am going to share a beautiful photo that I took during one of my runs these past five weeks. It was a reminder to stop and smell the flowers, or canola, or whatever else is out there to give me allergies!

Conquering 5k Run Journey

Hey there, awesome ECI 831 readers! Welcome to my final blog post, where I will be sharing my journey of my 5k running project. In just six weeks, I went from a beginner to a determined runner…..just jokes, I am still at the beginner stages, and my “running” is more of a jog, but I am ok with that. My journey was filled with growth and excitement. Let me dive into the highlights, lessons, and triumphs that made this learning project MY learning project.

Getting started: it all began with me wanting to sew a quilt, but then I realized it would cost me $200 in material…..beep that! NO thank you! I had to switch gears completely……

no thank you title written with  chalk on blackboard

So, it actually all began with a simple goal of completing a 5k run within six weeks. As someone new to running, this was a big challenge that required discipline, commitment, and a positive mindset. To kick off the project, I researched some training plans and settled with From Couch to 5k! The plan looked easy enough, however reflecting back I feel I probably needed more time to work my way up to the running times. Realistically, I should have trained a few months for this run.

Weeks 1-2 was about building the basics and focusing on a strong foundation for my running journey.  I was reading articles if running was good for you? Still not sure I agree with this hahaha. I worked on my running form, gradually increased my endurance, and added some stretching into my routine. It wasn’t always easy, but I learned that staying patient and keep going were the keys to successfully completing my learning project.

At this point, I was regretting not spending the $200 on material!

Photo of dissatisfied young woman regrets wrong doing, keeps hand on forehead, clenches teeth, dressed in fashionable outfit, isolated over pink studio wall. Lady forgets something important

Weeks 3-4 I was working on better nutrition and planning some meals, based on the reading Your Guide to a Runner’s Diet. I came to the conclusion I do not like meal planning, prepping, or cooking. Why can’t I win the lottery and have my own personal chef? During the running process I entered a more intense phase of training. I was increasing my time to eight and ten minutes and I was achieving milestones that were giving me a great sense of pride and motivated me to keep going.

Healthy Heart Food

Week 5-6 I tried my creative hand at creating the iMovies for my learning project. I have never worked with iMovie and so I watched full tutorial on YouTube. It was a smooth process and I found it easy to work with. I feel like iMovie is tool I will be using again for future projects. A few things to note when you watch my videos, yes I did cut my hair half way through the class, this made it difficult for re-takes! Also, why do I look down at my feet so much? Well, there is a funny story behind that. I tried running once before, back in 2008, and I tripped over my feet and broke my finger. True story! So, this running project was a big feat (feet LOL) for me!

Accident. stumble and fall while jogging

Race day! Finally, the big day arrived, and I found myself feeling defeated before I even began. I read some running tips on how to prepare yourself for a long run. I wasn’t sure how I would ever run for a full 5k without stopping….As I put on Vanderpump Rules, started the treadmill, I embraced the challenge. I don’t know if it was the culmination of all my hard work or the fact that I knew I would never have to run again, but I pushed myself throughout the entire run. When my fitbit alerted me that I had reached 5k, I was left with joy that it was over, a little bummed that my episode of Vanderpump was over, I mean, it was getting juicy! I think in my video, you can tell I am watching tv as I was looking up at my screen (and not my feet this time!).

Asian girl working out on treadmill at the gym

Important Lessons Learned:

  1. Consistency is key: Regular training, even when I didn’t feel like it, helped me improve and build my endurance.
  2. Patience pays off: Progress takes time, so I learned to be patient and enjoy the journey instead of rushing results.
  3. Mind of matter: Running is not just physical. It is also about mental strength. Staying positive and believing in myself helped me pushed through…..or maybe it was the fact I was able to be away from my kids and watch Vanderpump Rules instead of Sonic Boom or Dance Monsters! Either way, I pushed through mentally and was able to overcome the struggles.

Reflection: I’ve come to realize the power of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. Training for my 5k run not only improved my fitness (a little, but I will take it) but also boosted my confidence, and determination to want to continue on my fitness journey….maybe not with running.

This was my first time blogging and using Twitter and all this techy stuff. As I read other blogs throughout the semester, I could see I needed to step up my game, as I felt behind everyone else. Looking back at my overall learning project, there are some things that I would do differently. I would have incorporated more running apps, and maybe included my Fitbit more into the process. To be honest, I only started wearing it again because of my learning project. I didn’t do a lot of flashy posts as I didn’t have the skill set, but I kept learning and trying to do my best and I think that that is what is important for me. I learned some new things this semester and I am proud of my growth and learning.

As I say goodbye to this project, I eagerly look forward to new adventures and challenges.

Thank you all for reading my posts and the comments. This has been a great class. Have a great summer!

Summary of Learning Podcast

Here’s the link to our podcast:Geeky Gurus: Janeen and Laura’s Edu-Tech Extravaganza!”



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